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Online Reputation Management

What is online reputation management, you say? Well, you know how important your reputation is for you personally, and for your business. You also know how pretty much anyone can say pretty much anything online these days, and frequently, they can remain anonymous. And the scary thing is, people believe a lot of what they see online, whether it’s true or not.

Online reputation management (ORM) is exactly what it suggests. It is the process of managing your reputation online. In a pretty technical way, ORM is linked to SEO, but it is not the same thing. Online reputation management can make use of keywords in domain names, title tags, individual keyword density, keywords in description tags, keyword font size, usage of links, frequency of content changes and much more. This is all of the behind the scenes stuff.

But ORM also includes using blogs, social networking sites, review sites, etc. Managing your online presence can be quite time consuming. While the goal of SEO is to move your website pages to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs), the goal of online reputation management is to move the content into an order that is beneficial to you – move the negative content down in the SERPs and the positive content up.
Online Reputation Management
For example, Google your business. Does your website and web presence (Facebook page, Twitter feed, YouTube videos) appear early in the search results? If so, that’s good. But does a negative review or a negative newspaper article appear before your website does? That’s bad, very bad.

Using SEO and ORM together, Coastal Web Services can reduce the likelihood that the negative stuff takes precedence over your website. This can include responding politely and with good customer service to negative comments on social media, or negative reviews, but it can also involve adding pages to your website, adding blogs to your website and more. The more content there is out there with your name on it, the easier it is to make the negative thing get lost in the shuffle. You want someone looking for your business to find your inventory or your how-to videos rather than the negative review from a disgruntled customer who just couldn’t be satisfied. Or worse yet, a totally fake review that you can’t do much about.

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